How do I check my balance?

Visit and enter your card number in the lookup field to see your balance. Or call 1-888-295-0360.

Where can I spend my card?

You can spend your Community Gift Card with any approved merchant listed in your community. Our list continues to grow so please check our website for the most current information

How soon can I spend my Community Gift Card? Does it expire?

You can spend your card immediately after purchase. Expiration details may be printed on the card, or you can check card expiration details at your program’s website

What if I lose my card?

Oh no! It’s important to treat your card as if it were cash, but if you lost your card or it was stolen and you have your card number or receipt we can cancel your card and reissue you a new card for a small fee. However, if you do not have your card number or receipt, or the funds have been spent, then unfortunately the funds cannot be recovered.

Can I send a Community Gift Card as a gift?

Yes! Whoever you give it to will have the option of using it at any approved business in Downtown Tappahannock. Talk about exciting! Plus, it ensures the recipient has to shop local. Double bonus!


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