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Historic Downtown Tappahannock Association Proposes Enhancements at Rappahannock River Park to Town Council

Historic Downtown Tappahannock Association (HDT) prepares to make some exciting improvements at the Rappahannock River Park. The park, located along the scenic Rappahannock River, is a beloved destination for locals and visitors. Beth Sharpe, Director of HDT presented the proposed rendering of these enhancements to Town Council at the January meeting.

The upgrades that are being planned by HDT include updating the viewing platform and gazebos with fresh paint, hanging baskets, better seating, and even an element of fun. These upgrades will surely enhance the overall experience of visiting the park and spending time by the river.

The updated viewing platform is especially exciting, as it will offer visitors a fantastic view of the river and surrounding areas. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this is sure to be a popular spot for taking photos and enjoying the scenery. The updated viewing platform boasts sturdy new railings that provide both safety and peace of mind. Additionally, the platform will be treated to a fresh coat of paint, which gives it a clean and modern look.

The gazebos will also get some attention, with new paint to the railings and roofing, more comfortable seating, and the addition of some hanging baskets to add a pop of color and life to the space. The updates to these structures will provide a beautiful gathering place for community events and more.

Viewing Platform Before

Increased seating at the riverfront is also going to be a welcome addition to the park. Conversational seating areas will give visitors a chance to sit and relax, chat with friends and family, and enjoy the beauty of the Rappahannock River. And finally, the element of fun, through an interactive art installation is sure to be a hit with visitors of all ages.

“I was happy to receive approval from Town Council to increase beautification efforts downtown,” Sharpe said. “The aim is to make this park more welcoming and enjoyable for everyone to use. Over the years, the park has served as a hub for various activities such as community events, celebratory pictures like prom and engagement, fishing, and family outings. However it has become increasingly evident that certain areas of the park could use some sprucing up.”

HDT hopes to finish off the viewing platform with commercial grade tower binoculars, which cost roughly $5,000. Commercial grade binoculars are durable and weather resistant, offer a higher magnification power, and a better viewing experience that is especially important when it comes to birdwatching or observing wildlife. HDT is seeking five companies or individuals to donate $1000 to make this possible. Individuals and businesses will be recognized on a permanent plaque for years to come. If you are interested in making a donation to this project, contact Beth Sharpe 804-443-4050 or [email protected].

HDT is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization creating a vibrant future for a diverse, historic Tappahannock, attracting residents, visitors and businesses to our river town. For more information about Historic Downtown Tapppahannock Association visit www.downtowntappahannock.org

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